Celeste DiNixi

fearless, inspired dominance

What Couples Say: 

“My partner and I wanted to go further in our BDSM practice and found the perfect guide in Mistress DiNixi. She has expanded our knowledge and experiences with sensuality, compassion, and a sense of playful mischief. Her expertise is second to none, and we can feel how much she loves to teach us. Using communication and intuition, she knows just how far to take us, and we trust her completely. Our sessions always leave us buzzing, and excited to see her again.” — In Love and Excited!

"We found the perfect fit for us as a couple, and she exceeded all our expectations. We are so glad and so grateful! And now we have so much more to explore on our own..."—Married 40 years

"We didn't know what to expect but were amazed at her skill, patience, and sensual energy. Thank you Mistress DiNixi! Looking forward to more."—Dating one year


What Individual Submissives Say: 

“I had an incredible time. I’m not sure I know how to describe what is so different about Mistress DiNixi, but I’ve never experienced anything quite like my session with her.” —Sub H

"What makes Mistress DiNixi stand out is her powerful sensual personality and smoking body that make me want to become a better sub. During the sessions she really ensures that you get the most out of them. I can't imagine a better Mistress to belong to than her."
~Sub En


"Mistress DiNixi will take your mind and body to places you never knew existed. Her touch is intoxicating and Her laugh will send shivers down your spine. I have had the pleasure of belonging to Mistress DiNixi for almost three years, in that time my desire to serve Her has only grown. She has guided me through fear and given me the most exquisite pain. To be on the other end of Her flogger is pure joy. She has given me strength and because of this I happily submit to her. Mistress DiNixi's brilliance, creativity and beauty will have you on your knees worshiping Her. It’s a fabulous place to be! ~ Sub K


"She cares for her subs and challenges us too. She seems to just know what I need. Mistress DiNixi will never let you down. She is passionate about life as a mistress. A total knock out in mind and body." ~ Sub J


"You are an artist. Thank you for making me your canvas. I can't wait to see you again." ~ Sub B

"You are a rare combination. Beauty and brains. You know your stuff. I can relax when I'm with you. (And that's saying something.)" ~ Sub D


"I enjoyed being yours. I loved your energy. I was very turned on when you worked on me. You're so gentle with piercing surprises. I loved it!" ~Sub L


The connection I feel to Mistress DiNixi is different. The experiences I’ve had with her are different. She is at once, beautiful, smart, strong and experienced. All great traits to be sure, but, to me, what sets her apart a different quality entirely. Perception? Intuition? Healthy empathy? Perhaps she is capable of reading minds.

The journeys we share are sexually charged. Pain, my nakedness, sensual or sweetly excruciating torture. She dresses creatively. She shows what she wishes to show in the ways she wishes to show herself and she always drips dark sensuality. Our sessions are always different. I never know what is coming and this is part of what I love. Her creativity guides our path. I am truly along for the ride.

She mixes touch. Lithe and strong, she is capable and skilled at bringing startling force when she feels it is appropriate. But, and this is hard to describe and won’t make sense to someone new to BDSM, she is also gifted in understanding how to mix touch in a way that elevates the experience.

I could go on. In the end the reader should know that this is not some dime store dominatrix who’s interest is using her body to extract your money. No. This is a deeply gifted soul who will be your guide, sometimes in fun ways and sometimes in painful ways along the journey you choose to take. You will laugh, you will feel, to the extent you are ready, you will hurt. And you will be better for knowing her. ~Sub JC