Celeste DiNixi

fearless, inspired dominance

"With over a years service to You I can't express my gratitude on how You've changed my life. You've guided me through fear and opened doors to desires I never knew I had. My proudest day was receiving Your collar, and my goal is to always represent You with grace, respect and dignity. I am so proud to belong to You and I look forward to many more years of service." ~ Sub K


"She cares for her subs and challenges us too. She seems to just know what I need. Mistress DiNixi will never let you down. She is passionate about life as a mistress. A total knock out in mind and body." ~ Sub J


"You are an artist. Thank you for making me your canvas. I can't wait to see you again." ~ Sub B

"You are a rare combination. Beauty and brains. You know your stuff. I can relax when I'm with you. (And that's saying something.)" ~ Sub D


"I enjoyed being yours. I loved your energy. I was very turned on when you worked on me. You're so gentle with piercing surprises. I loved it!"
Sub L