Celeste DiNixi

fearless, inspired dominance

I will require your full attention.

If you ache to be in trouble with teacher, need the tight fit of bondage to relax into, or secretly wish to dress up, I am your imaginative, expert guide. If pain is your pleasure, I will bring you deeper and higher than you knew you could go. I am the blonde you could never date in high school, the untouchable goddess you dreamed of last week, and the woman who knows your darkest secrets. My laugh is wicked, my ideas will surprise you, and my classic beauty will overwhelm your senses.

I am a lifestyle pansexual kinkster, with a deep and enduring fascination with the art of erotic power exchange. My style ranges from cool and controlling to sizzling seductress, and I love to mold your submission to my desire.

My BDSM practice was cultivated by Mistress Morgana at Maison de la Maitresse in San Francisco and Mistress Justine Cross at Dungeon West in Los Angeles. I am currently based in Los Angeles, but I am available for sessions in San Francisco regularly. For New York and other locations, contact me.

My educational background in literature and the performing arts informs my practice. As a therapeutic bodyworker, I learned to read, interpret, and respond to each individual's physical needs. My dominance emerges from this combination of intellectual, creative, and sensual skills. I will invade your mind,  and my touch is addictive.

Are you ready to discover your potential, and serve my desires? I do not tolerate bossy bottoms or time wasters.  I love playing with submissives of all genders. I am willing to train people who are new to their own expressions of submission, and, I will bring a fresh thrill to the fantasies of the more experienced. 

I specialize in long-term transformative BDSM relationships, and I can move you from where you are to somewhere that feels much, much better.

I enjoy myself, only do what I want to do, and I look forward to getting to know your submissive within.

Respond fully to my questions on the Contact page. Be specific, and try to please me. 

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Want to read more? I write for the online magazine Pervette.

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